Qualifications, Inductions, Licence, Skills and Courses (click for image)

What Paradigm 3 can do is … record staff qualifications, induction programs, licences, in-house skills and external courses.  A training record is created from a Definition which may have multiple Requirements.  As Requirements are achieved, you can track their progress, and when all Requirements are completed, the record becomes complete.

Attach certificates, reports or assessments to a Requirement as evidence.  Build saved Reports to quickly list key information such as a list of all approved fork lift license drivers. Set Schedules for license renewals or induction training refreshers.

Requirements can be linked to versions of documents so records of staff training against work instructions or SOP’s can be monitored and managed.  As documents are versioned, automatically notify staff of re-training requirements.

To keep track of staff qualifications, induction training and licences, you can purchase the Training Module.

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