Equipment maintenance

  • Categorise equipment by department or process.
  • Register each item with photograph and key information as attachments.
  • Assign staff to roles of who is accountable for each maintenance task.
  • Set multiple schedules per equipment to notify (Action Item) key personnel to conduct maintenance.
  • Notifications link directly to the equipment register for data entry and reference
  • Document maintenance evidence either in the Action Items for full history or dirctly the maintenance record.
  • Link (Para-Link®) equipment to relevant current documentation such as maintenance instructions and manuals.
  • Control security on registers for viewing, updating, printing etc.
  • Maintain activity history.
  • Track record versions for each item.
  • Plus many more standard features with Paradigm 3.

To manage equipment maintenance and attach equipment photo’s, instructions and manuals, purchase the Records Module.

In addition, you can purchase the Document Module if you need to version control maintenance instructions and equipment manuals, etc.

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