Version 4.17.0 and above

Version 4.17.0 – Build 20210730

Options to change the default text written into Action item when the re-calculate event date button is selected. The new options are set in PowerTools, Action Item/Emails tab (45310 – PowerTools).

Two new options have been added to PowerTools program in the Improvement Tab
Option 1 = User can complete Action Item without completing Step
Option 2 = Don’t auto complete Action Item while completing Step (45308 – Improvement).

When using the Add missing records function in Training Analysis, the Roles are now automatically added to the new record in the Training Module.  NOTE:  Adding a Role must be set in PowerTools (45301 – PowerTools).

The export all function in Document modules now has an option to add the Paradigm 3 item number to the export name. This was done to ensure each exported obsolete items has a unique name. Previously if there are obsolete items with the same version number, only one would be exported. An export log file has also been added with error message and/or full list of documents exported (45300 – Document).

* A new tool has been added to PowerTools to enable data to be copied from one field to another. In a situation where data may have been recorded in the wrong field and should be another, this tool can be user to make a copy. This can sometimes happen when using the P3 Import program and a mistake is detected after importing.  The tool is located in PowerTools File menu and called Copy Data from One Field to Another (45294 – PowerTools).

Additional security requirements to comply with cybersecurity in accordance with Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) have been included in PowerTools.
Option 1 – Minimum No. of characters that need to change in new password
Option 2 – Minimum percentage of characters that need to change in new password
Option 3 – Minimum password lifetime
Option 4 – Maximum password lifetime
NOTE the Tab in PowerTools has been renamed from FDA setting to Security Settings and the layout redesigned to accommodate the new security setting (45293 – PowerTools).

A disable users after no activity in Paradigm 3 has been added to P3 Scheduler.  By adding the parameter, /disableinactiveusers 30 to the scheduler, any user who has not logged onto Paradigm 3 within the last 30 days will be automatically disabled (45290).

A users log on activity is now recorded for Administrators to view. In the user module, two new columns have been added. Last logged on Date and Logon history. The log on history records the last 5 times the user logged on. To extract this information, Select the user, RH mouse and select Export item List. Export item list can also be run from the folder to report on all users in that folder (45289 – User).


In general release 4.16.0 a new option was added so that the Recalculate button could be used for On set date events. The code has since been improved to resolve an issue detected by one customer (Document – 45224).

In Paradigm 3 Style Designer there is an option to be able to print formula reports. The layout has been improved so the table now prints within A4 page width. Therefore Letter size will also be contained on one page wide. In addition, adjustments and not be made manually to control the page parameters and column widths (45223 – Style Designer ).

The following confirmations have been added to the Moving Attachments from Database to Documents folder option in PowerTools. The confirmations have been added to ensure timely database recovery if required and ensure attachments can be moved without issues.
The user now has to confirm:
1.  I confirm that database has been backed up recently and can be restored if necessary;
2. I also confirm that have checked disk pace required to copy attachment(s) (45199 – Power Tools).

The Duplicate Combo Box Data tool in Powertools (File Menu) now correctly displays combo box information form the Training Module. Previous only records and Improvement modules were visible (45198 – Power Tools).

Paradigm 3 Lite will now email from SpecialCalc formula linked to a job title correctly when there is more then one person attached to the job title. Previously only one person received the email is triggered in Lite.  Functioned correctly when triggered from Client (45197 – Paradigm 3 Lite).

A new SpecialCalc formula is now available which stops a step from being completed unless a certain combo box option has been selected.
Write message here that displays for the user to read when user has NOT selected the correct combo menu option.
NOTE:  When setting the formula condition, make the Operator = Not Equal to and the Field Value the required menu option (45195 – Improvement).

In Action Item reporting, Related Item Label has now been added as an option in reporting. Previously only the related item Name could be included in reports (45194 – Action Items).

The results of a failed Assessment in the Training Module now displays correctly. When a user fails an Assessment more than once, the results of the first failure are shown. Now the results are updated with each failure (45190 – Training).

Instant Email now send to multiple users assigned to a Job Title via P3 Lite. Previously email process correctly when triggered in P3 Client but not from P3 Lite.
NOTE:  Instant emails sent from following specialcalc. Example When more than one user is assigned to Job Title No. 114, emails failed when triggered from P3 Lite.
The subject in this line
The message in this line (45185 – Paradigm 3 Lite).

Training Records now no longer update when disabled or withdrawn when the record is linked to a document and Re-training option is selected (45184 – Training).

The Next and Previous buttons are now active when viewing others Action Items. The Action item Identification number has also been added into the header (after the title. i.e. Action Item Id No. 456) of all open Action Items to help with identification (45182 – Action Item).

A new option has been added to a Calculation formula to make the result an absolute value. (When constructing the formula the new option is a tick box in step 2) (45174 – Records, Improvement and Training).

Two new options called Linked items and Linked items with version date have been added to Training Module reports. A report can now be run that breaks down the training record by each record version with corresponding linked documents and the version of the linked documents (45173 – Training).

Category information is now not blank in .CSV/ Excel reports run from Action Item Module. (Note:  issue relates to categories linked in events from Document Module) (45172 – Action Item).


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