Maintain and control records

Manage and control electronic records from one to several pages long.  Place schedules behind each record to notify who is responsible for maintaining the record from time to time.

  • Design the fields and layout to be completed on each page
  • Assign defaults on who is responsible
  • Import data by linking to external sources
  • Set triggers to automatically notify someone when a set criteria has changed
  • Set mandatory fields
  • Construct pull-down menus
  • Add formulas to automate calculations

Typical applications are for anything that needs maintaining, reminders to do something or where, if a change occurs, another activity is triggered.

  • Maintenance schedules, each with different activities
  • Calibration activities where single or multiple schedules are required
  • Equipment list and asset list control
  • When a field changes in the record, it triggers a notification to alert someone – supplier rating change for example
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