Manage responsibilities, authority, accountabilities and communication

Paradigm 3 can be easily configured so that users know what they are responsible for in the management system. Responsibilities such as what documents they have been assigned to review, what equipment they are to maintain or calibrate, which record item they must maintain or review, what steps in the corrective action system they need to complete, etc.

By setting up Roles in the management structure, each folder or item properties are set up with which job title is the item writer, subject expert, reviewer, data entry etc. This defines the responsibilities, then, by configuring the system securities, authorities to view, print, edit etc. are defined. The combination of responsibilities and authorities defines your management system.

How a user interacts with Paradigm 3 is communicated via the Work Management Processor® screen which then automatically displays the user’s notifications and what they have responsibility for. The Work Management Processor® enables the user to look at the management system from the perspective of the position they hold within the company.

Australian National Gold Award winner 2005, 2006, 2007 & Hall of Fame