Para-Link® all of the above (cross-referencing system)

Paradigm 3 has the most effective and advanced cross referencing system available. The main advantage is that once the link is set it automatically synchronises with changes as they occur. If a policy which is linked to a related procedure has a name change or is moved to another folder, the link moves with it. It is also possible to link the document to all the other modules in Paradigm 3. Link a document to the calibration folders in the Records Module so that users can read the document and then open the associated record. To maintain total system document and record management, Para-Links® also ensure users are shown the most recent document or item as each item.

Para-Link® is a truly dynamic cross referencing system across all modules that constantly updates and adjusts in real time.

The added linking functionality is that users can also use the Para-Link® tool to go to the linked item ready for data entry or processing as appropriate. For example, users can start with the policy document, open the link to the procedure, read the procedure and then open the link to the form or records they need to complete as per the procedure. This feature is more intuitive than search and find, since the user can drill down the thread without returning back to start processing activities.

Typical applications are:

  • Link policy manuals to each associated procedure, then link the procedure to the associated forms or records.
  • Link a piece of equipment in the Records Module to an instruction in the Document Module and therefore ensuring the user always sees the current instruction.
  • Link a procedure to a folder that contains all the records relating to the procedure, making internal and external audits a breeze
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