Control of documents

Manage and control documents created in any Microsoft Office or other application – policies, procedures, plans, instructions, etc.  Paradigm 3 is designed around the requirements of ISO 9001 from which most other document control systems are derived.  Paradigm 3 is the third generation product by Paradigm Software.  We have continually refined and improved our control of documentation systems over a 15 year period with excess of 1,500 independent auditors worldwide who have approved the methodology.

Suitable for Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, etc. management systems.

  • Manage on-line editing, reviews and electronic approval
  • Manage on-line versioning (Major, Medium and Minor)
  • Maintains automatic versioning history of transaction for audit trail
  • Automated document updating of insert fields with versioning information like version, authoriser, version dates and many more (Microsoft Word & Excel)
  • Tree view folder structures with security controls on viewing, modify, printing etc.
  • Automated review schedules that notify staff when review is due
  • Document statuses available

Draft: place security behind who can edit Drafts

Current: assign control behind who can convert to Current

Pending: approve the document any time but set the convert to Current for a date in the future

Review: allow others to review a document before making Current

Ready: change to Ready status to let other know you have done your changes

Obsolete: all old versions retained and available and control who can view

Collaborate: used for multiple user to develop a document

Open: used when the document or form is to be completed

Completed: use to lock an open form

Australian National Gold Award winner 2005, 2006, 2007 & Hall of Fame