Maintain schedules

Paradigm 3 has the flexibility to apply multiple schedules to any item in any module. Schedules are linked to the notification system (Action Items) and are issued to staff to complete a task. A common use for schedules is to remind someone that a check needs to be performed at a routine frequency, like calibrating an instrument or routine maintenance on machinery.

In a management system schedules play a big part. To guarantee consistency and assurance, schedules can apply to holding regular meetings, maintaining a document review system, managing an audit program or keeping on top of regular tasks that have been written into the company documentation. Schedules can be applied to a document to manage the document or to manage a task defined within the document. For example:

  • A document should be reviewed at appropriate internals to maintain accuracy. This could be an annual review schedule to the document writer to review the contents.
  • However, the same document may also be the company procedure for managing safety meetings and nominates that a meeting is to be held bi-monthly. In this instance, a safety meeting bi-monthly schedule is also applied to the document, but this time a notification issues to the nominated meeting coordinator.

Typical uses are:

  • Scheduling meetings
  • Managing auditing schedules
  • Managing machinery maintenance
  • Managing equipment
  • Managing suppliers’ reviews
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