Control of forms and checklists

Compliance management software to manage and control electronic forms and checklists created in any Microsoft Office or other application. There are two components to electronic forms and checklists.

  1. Document control of the form or checklist. This component ensures the end users are using the latest approved version of a form or checklist.  Forms and checklists are imported into Paradigm 3 and approved as a controlled document.  (Also see Control of documents – at a glance.)
  2. From the approved Current version electronic copies are made for data entry.  Copies have Open status and are locked as read only when converted to Completed. Completed forms and checklists become supporting evidence.
  • Manage on-line editing, reviews and electronic approval of master forms or checklists
  • Control data entry into electronic copies
  • Control who can edit and the location of electronic copies
  • Automatically maintains history for audit trail

Typical uses:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Internal audits
  • Forms and checklists that only one person completes from start to finish – (for records that require multiple personnel input refer to Control of records – at a glance)
  • Forms that are designed in Microsoft Excel or Word
  • Testing or validation forms
  • Processing a record

Australian National Gold Award winner 2005, 2006, 2007 & Hall of Fame