Human resources documentation

  • Document HR policies, manuals, procedures, using Microsoft Word and have the responsible person electronically approve. Once approved automatically send a notification with each version change (Action Items) to those who need to know.
  • Use completed Action Items as evidence that the item have been read.
  • Assign staff to roles as writers, reviewers and approvers etc.
  • Insert roles into the document to automatically update when job title changes.
  • Use document control insert fields within the document to automatically update as changes occur:- item name changes, approver’s name, version, version date and many more.
  • Set review schedule and assign staff to a role for automatic review notifications.
  • Electronically manage HR documentation amendments with the ability to collaborate with others.
  • Maintain versioning with history in accordance with international document control standards
  • Crosslink (Para-Link®) HR policies to associated documentation like procedures, plans or folders etc. Links are maintained even when items are renamed or moved.
  • Automatically maintain all relevant history for audit traceability.
  • Plus many more standard features included in Paradigm 3.

To manage human resources management documentation, you can purchase the Document Module.

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