Paradigm 3 New Developments

Version 4.10.0 October 2017 Release :

A total of 38 new developments, enhancements and improvements have been included in this release.

Version 4.9.0 March 2017 Release Summary of Major Improvements :

A total of 27 new developments, enhancements and improvements have been included in this release.  Here is a selection of the key changes.

Item 1:

New options have been added to control the format of date fields being exported out of Paradigm 3 and into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The major improvement is exporting by unique number to enable accurate Dashboard reporting in each module. Unique numbers accurately convert to the date format set in the spreadsheet. Note Pivot tables in Excel require the dates to be converted correctly.

The options are:

  1. The dates can be as standard dates (as stored in Paradigm 3) ie. (dd/mm/yyyyy) eg. 09/10/2017;
  2. Text short format (‘dd/mm/yyyy) eg. ’09/10/2017 NOTE: the apostrophe in front of the date then dumps the date as text into the Excel cell;
  3. Text long format (‘dd/mmm/yyyy) eg. ’09 Oct 2017 NOTE: the apostrophe in front of the date then dumps the date as text into the Excel cell;
  4. As a unique number which can be converted to a date using a macro in Excel. Eg. January 1, 1900 is serial number 1, and January 1, 2008 is serial number 39448.

Item 2:

A new option has been added to Paradigm, 3 to streamline notification management. Now if one person completes a particular notification, all others recipients of the same notification have the notification automatically removed from their outstanding task list.

Item 3:

Additional data sorting filters have been added to the saved Search Reports.  When a user runs the report, they can now sort by weeks, months and years by various criteria.  For example, sort the last 1 year up to today’s date or by calendar year.  This improvement is a more convenient and faster selection method than previous deployed.

Item 4:

The method of managing document reviews has been enhanced. Document reviews can either update the document as normal and the next Review Date will be calculated OR if the document is to remain unchanged, by selecting the Recalculate Event Date button. The following then happens:

  1. The next Review Date is calculated and updated in the insert field, so that anyone opening the document will see the new date;
  2. The history for that document is updated with the name of the person who did the recalculation, along with the date and time, the previous date and the new date;
  3. Any other recipients of Action Items will have the details added to their Action Item;
  4. Others’ Action Items will automatically convert from Open to Completed which removes the Action from their Open list.

Version 4.8.0 September 2016 Release Summary of Major Improvements :

A total of 45 new developments, enhancements and improvements have been included in this release. Here is a selection of the key changes.

Item 1: 

My Portal – New Feature in the Paradigm 3 Launcher

The Paradigm 3 Launcher has been enhanced by introducing the My Portal button. My Portal presents management system information from the logged on user’s perspective. All the saved reports for each module are listed in My Portal. When the user selects one from the list, Paradigm 3 presents all the items in an interactive list rather than static report format, so that the user can use Show Me (or double click) to view, or RH Mouse and Go There to jump to the specific location.

In the example screen dump below, the Document Module has been setup so that My Portal will list

A – Documents the logged-on user is responsible for. The list will change for each logged-on user.

B – Work instructions or SOP’s specific to the Job Title the logged on user has. This way a logged-on user can quickly view a concise list of instructions related to the job they do.

C – Documents the logged on user has been assigned the Role as Approver.

D – Documents the logged on user has been assigned the Role as the Reviewer.

My Portal has been designed to complement the new management systems methodology of ISO9001-2015. (Clause 5 Leadership)

The trend with ISO 9001 is continually moving has away from the original concept that a management system means documentation. In ISO 9001:2015, documented procedures are no longer required however, a defined management system is more important. With Paradigm 3, this has always been the philosophy. By configuring Roles, Events, setting Security, designing Styles in the Records Improvement and Training modules, Paradigm 3 becomes the defined management system. Responsibility and accountability is an integral part of that management system so My Portal helps the user focus on what is important.

To help you understand how to construct My Portal to suit your management system, please view the following video –

This new feature opens the scope to configure Paradigm 3 so that it can monitor the logged on user’s assigned Job Title from the User Module, and automatically displays pertinent items relative to that Job Title.

For example, a list of all documents the Job Title has responsibility and accountability. Or a list of documents the Job Title has review responsibility. By using the Roles feature, assigning a Job Title to each Role and saving this as a report, My Portal will then automatically filter the information.

My Portal covers all modules so it is feasible for a user to have a list of incidents or issues raised by setting the search with a date range.

Item 2:

Two new options have been added to the Search | Roles tab – a checkbox for Logged on User and a checkbox for Job Title. By using the Job Title option in particular, Paradigm 3 will automatically check the logged on user’s Job Title and then search the system where that Job Title has been assigned to items and list them. (Use this new feature when saving reports for My Portal so Paradigm 3 can sort the list based on the logged on users account)

For example, this new option means users can quickly run a search to find all the items in the Document Module that they can authorise. Or set up Paradigm 3 so that a new employee can list all the documents they need to read and understand as part of the position they have in the company.

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