Maintain and control training

  • Manage and control all training records
  • Link training records against a document
  • Set up on-line training competency tests against a document or group of documents
  • Maintain staff qualifications, licenses and skills
  • Design the fields and layout of the training records required
  • Staff can be automatically notified for re-training when a document is updated
  • Set up your own user competency tests
  • Keep track of training status
  • Set schedules for re-training
  • Assign defaults on who is responsible to trainers and trainees
  • Set triggers to automatically notify someone when a set criteria has changed
  • Set mandatory fields
  • Construct pull down menus
  • Add formulas for automatic calculations

Typical applications are:

Many compliance standards demand evidence that staff have been trained to use equipment or training in a procedure or instruction. Paradigm 3 displays this information at the document level and from a global perspective. Training records may be linked to an Improvement item or a document.

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