Issue notifications to keep everybody informed of their obligations

A key part to maintaining a successful management system is the ability to involve everybody, disseminate responsibilities and keep track of progress. Paradigm 3 does this by issuing notifications called Action Items. Paradigm 3 automatically sorts out each person’s tasks as events in the system occur and keeps everybody informed of their obligations at the desk top.

Typical examples are:

  • Action Item to inform key personnel that a document has been revised and a new version is now available. Recipients are asked to acknowledge reading and understanding the new version.
  • Action Item to inform the recipient that an item is due for review because no versioning has occurred within the prescribed period. Recipient can review on-line and if no changes are required, complete the Action Item as evidence that a review has occurred.
  • Action Item to investigate a corrective action required from an audit or product failure
  • Action Item to conduct maintenance or calibrate equipment

Action Items instructions and behaviour are customisable, so system administrators can design an Action Item:

  • as a notification only
  • requiring completion within a certain period
  • by writing the notification instructions in your industry terminology
  • with an acknowledgement pull down list where one choice is mandatory
  • to trigger a corresponding follow on Action Item when an acknowledgement pull down choice is selected
  • to escalation if not completed within the required time.

In effect, your management system is satisfied if everybody is on top of their Action Items.

Australian National Gold Award winner 2005, 2006, 2007 & Hall of Fame