Maintain compliance evidence

An integral part of a management system is the proof of evidence to support the policies, procedures and instructions in a company.  Paradigm 3 provides tools to easily manage the proof and evidence defined in your management system.

  • All modules have an inbuilt history record of activities associated with any item created in the system.
  • Users are issued notifications called Action Items. Action Items instruct the users on what is required – review a document, approve a document or investigate a non conformance. As users complete the task requested, the Action Item is locked, dated and time stamped and retained in the system as evidence. Most importantly, since this is a closed loop system, retrieval of Action Item history is done by simply selecting the item in question and listing the related Action Items. In effect, the notification system also doubles as the management system evidence.
  • Paradigm 3 has the added power to convert items in the Document Module to Evidence. For example, an externally created report can be imported and status changed to Evidence. From that point on, the report can be read but not modified. Typical examples are validation reports, external audits, meeting minutes, completed forms. The user electronically prepares the items using the editing facility and then when satisfactory, converts the items to Evidence status prohibiting any further versioning.
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