Paradigm 3 costs less than competitive products

Compare this key functionality summary list

  • End user definable preferred language. Ideal for global deployment and or companies with a multicultural workforce.
  • Hosts Microsoft Word and Excel to control header and footer key compliance information like version, authoriser, item names so that the documentation is synchronised with the software automatically.
  • Control copy management system for hard copy distribution. Controlled copy printed on each document with unique identification number.
  • Automated organisational change control. As job titles change, document content is automatically updated with the change.
  • User definable roles. Paradigm 3 has an open responsibility and authority definitions architecture which allows the users to define the functional and operations roles within the organisation. Users are then matched against the defined roles. For example, notifications are assigned to a role and users can view the system by searching for roles. Through the Launcher users can see what items they have accountability and responsibility for.
  • Simple software entry interface so users can clearly understand their responsibility and authority by job title or roles.
  • Closed loop notification system that not only issues notifications of tasks to do but also holds completed tasks as evidence with the associated item.
  • Extract text from documents like minutes of meetings and audit reports and convert them into notifications.
  • Users can design their own processing improvements and records.
  • Direct link between the notification and the associated document record or improvement via buttons (Show Me and Go to). Users simply select Show Me to so the latest version of a document or item then select Go to which switches to the document or item to continue working.

Compare these design features.

  • Paradigm 3 is a total compliance product and not a tool that has to be built to your specification. Additionally, once you buy a module, everything is included. There are no extra costs to make the key features operational.
  • Paradigm 3 does NOT require a full time or even a part time back-end IT specialist to maintain the server. The daily administration functions can be decentralised to each department or entity. This eliminates interacting with the IT department for job titles changes or inter-department appointments. In fact, Paradigm 3 handles organisational changes instantaneously and filters the change automatically throughout each module.
  • By using Smart Client architecture, the application has rich functionality at the desk top. This means any desk top can be an administrator or a basic read only account.
  • Operators work directly in local or wide area network or web mode.
  • Paradigm 3 is a .net desktop application which means the product can deliver high performance, high processing capability and is packed with intuitive features. The end user will not require massive training to achieve acceptable competency levels. In fact the product has capabilities that are just not unachievable in web browser applications.
  • Paradigm 3 uses reverse metadata notation. Instead of adding lengthy metadata during importation, Paradigm 3 applies the metadata from folder defaults making importation quicker, more accurate and less frustrating.
  • All these steps will introduce work and increase productivity.
Australian National Gold Award winner 2005, 2006, 2007 & Hall of Fame