Paradigm 3’s suite of modules and compliance tools

There are no hidden customisation costs with Paradigm 3’s suite of modules and compliance tools.  This means you can potentially save thousands of dollars as well as allow you to “go live” quicker.

Reasons why:

Paradigm 3 is a complete compliance package with no hidden customisation cost to adapt to your industry. The product has built in tools that allow the user to create their own improvements and records quickly and easily. Each module is supplied with examples and templates that can be modified or you can create new ones from scratch if necessary.

The operating system includes event management capability so the users can design how the system is to behave. For example, when an event occurs like updating a document to a new version, who should be notified and what message are they are to receive. The software is supplied with commonly used events already set in each module to minimise set-up time.

Australian National Gold Award winner 2005, 2006, 2007 & Hall of Fame