Version 4.14.0 and above

Version 4.14.0 – Build 201909

*   An option has been added to the Options tab of Folder Properties that stops Normal and/or Restricted users from reopening a step they had previously completed in the Improvement module (44505 – Improvement).

*   An option called Add/Update Insert Field(s) has been added to the document module so that if required Paradigm 3 Insert fields can be added to the standard list when the document is opened outside of P3 Frame. The common Paradigm 3 fields are already available in Microsoft Word and can be viewed as follows:- Open a Word document in Paradigm 3, in Word select Insert | Quick Parts| Field. Then under Categories, select Document Information. From Field names, select DocProperty. Now scroll down the field properties list until you find PD3 fields with a code after PD3. The new option should only be used to add non listed fields (44502- Document).

*   Four new SPECIALCALC formula’s have been added to the training module to display the assessment results into style fields. When a person completes an assessment the following information can be written into fields (44501 – Style Designer).

Assessment result, Pass or Fail P3SPECIALCALC P3ASSESSMENTRESULT Assessment ID No. (Found in Paradigm 3 Manage assessment)
Total number of questions answered P3SPECIALCALC P3ASSESSMENTTOTALQUES Assessment ID No. Number of correctly answered questions P3SPECIALCALC P3ASSESSMENTCORRECTQUES Assessment ID No. Date assessment was completed. P3SPECIALCALC P3ASSESSMENTON Assessment ID No.

*   Two new SPECIALCALC formulas have been added to hide and display requirements in the Training module. NOTE to identify the Requirement Number (Step No.) in the training module, select the style name and Re-Order button in the Style Designer The ID number is displayed in the last column (44500 – Style Designer).

P3SPECIALCALC P3STEPAPPLICABLE Step/s ID number (e.g. 225,226)

*  The folder Para-Link List view screen now adjusts correctly and the user can scroll down when there is more than 12 items linked (44499 – Document, Records, Improvement and Training).

*  Clarification wording and confirmation check-boxes have been added to Manager Training Definitions in two locations:-

  1.  When adding an extra Requirement to an existing Definition, Step 1 must now be confirmed, and
  2.  When changing a Style using the Manage button, the message Data may be lost if records already exist must be confirmed ( 44497 – Training).

*  Duplicate label names can no longer be created in the same folder when using the Copy To option (when set in PowerTools) (44494 – Document, Records, Improvement, Training).

*  Now when Effective Date is used, the Action Item opens the Pending version and not the Current.  Previously this was not consistent (44493 – Document).

*  A Get UNC Path button has been added to the P3App and P3Web programs to help users during installation, find the UNC paths back to the server.  The following paths operated better with recent window security protocols.

Client temporary path,
Public path from Client

Document path
Public path at server  (44492 – Config Settings).

*  A new option has been added to allow a user to create a Related Action Item to a specific item version.  Previously, Related Action Items linked to the Current/Open version of an item.  Now a specific Related Action can be linked to a Draft, Ready, Review or Obsolete version of an item (44491 – Document, Records, Improvement and Training).

*  Administrators can now manually export all Current items from a folder and sub folders by selecting the folder, right-hand mouse and then selecting the Export Items from Folder Structure.  The administrator can then browse for an export folder.  Options are also available to include sub folders, history and convert Word or Excel to PDF as part of the exporting process.  If required, the process can be also be run from the root directory to export all Current items from the Document modules (44490 – Document).

*  When setting step dependencies for the Improvement Module in the Style Designer and setting now holds correctly (44454 – Style Designer).

*  Paradigm 3 PowerTools now handles the deletion of a user’s folder and the users in that folder delete correctly (44450 – PowerTools).

*  Documents in Evidence status now publish correctly.  In addition, folders set in Simplified Version Control now also publish (44445 – Document).

*  The error when using advanced Search criteria in the Document module has been recertified.  Previously when using the great than (>) option and adding to the list resulted in an error message (44444 – Document).

*  When using Save As option from an Open record, the new record now has the Roles copied across (44428 – Records and Improvement).

If required, a licence can be generated in the Paradigm 3 Licence Generator that creates a licence preventing Administrators from deleting from the Recycle Bin in any module (44405 – Document, Records, Improvement and Training).

*  It is now possible to add attachments of an item with Send Emails.  The user can create the Export Form and now also add attachments (44404 – Records, Improvement and Training).

*  If the option is set to confirm password before completing a Requirement in the Training Module, the details are now only written to the History when the assessment is successfully passed (44403 – Training).

*  Action Items linked to an internal event (>= NOW), now only triggers once.  Before the Action Item triggered each time the record was saved (44402 – Records, Improvement and Training).

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